Build Your Own Data Platform — enable your data scientists by turning them into Data Science Kunai, helping your Analytics department slice and dice your data like a true data shinobi.

In fact, you can use all three at once if you like!

Why the new ADF Snowflake Connector should have stayed in the oven a little longer.

featuring InfluxDB, Snowflake, and your favorite Cloud Storage

Building a Data F-1 Car….Vroom!

How I learned to stop generating SAS tokens for every single external stage and learned to love Storage Integration!

Secure safely without SAS tokens

Why Snowflake and Dask could revolutionize data discovery for data engineers and data scientists alike by providing a fast, scalable, purely Python-based stack.

Snowflake and Python-based Dask — a better match than you might think!


Managing Snowflake Objects using Python and Jinja in the CI/CD Pipeline of your Choice!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Snowflake!

Brief Technical Overview

An Introductory Technical Assessment of Apache Pulsar and an Example of How to Make it Work for You


High-Level Technical Discussion

Kieran Healey

Data Engineer Love blogging about new technologies and sharing simple tutorials to explain the tech.

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